Use Our Everpresent System™ To Generate And Engage Your Leads Everywhere On Auto-Pilot With Ease

These Ads And Follow Up Campaigns Are Pre-Built And Ready To Use. Easy to customize or launch as is!


Get Leads From Website, Webchat, SMS, DMs, and More

Follow Up With Our Pre-Built Campaigns to Close More Deals

Launch Proven Ads in 3 simple Clicks to Scale Infinitely

Step 1:
Generate and Manage Leads From Everywhere In 1 Inbox

Eversuite can get leads from everywhere.....not just from your website.

  • Get Leads Directly From Facebook Messenger and Instagram DMs ...And Follow Up With Them Automatically!

  • Get Leads Directly From Web-Chat ...And Follow Up With Them Automatically!

  • Get Leads Directly From Inbound Calls And Texts ... And Follow Up With Them Automatically!

  • Get Leads Directly From Facebook Lead Forms ...And Follow Up With Them Automatically!

STEP 2: Ready-to-Deploy AI Follow Up On Autopilot

Launch Our "No Leads Left Behind" Campaigns with Ease

Dynamic New Lead Nurture Campaigns

We have some clients seeing over 70% engagement from new leads with our New Lead Nurture Campaigns.

The System is smart to engage with different channels uniquely.

Edit the prebuilt messages in one page with ease!

The $1,000,000 "Lazarus" Sequence

Sitting on a database with old leads?

Clients have brought in Millions of Revenue from this campaign that's revives deals from "dead" leads.

We leverage automated-personalized images and messages that seem so real, you'd even think it was human.

Everpresent "Crack Proof" Campaign

No matter how many messages you build for a sequence, you'll eventually run out of things to say, or do you?

This campaign ensures no leads ever fall through the cracks.

The campaign is dynamic and engages infinitely until your lead "buys or dies"

Easy to edit the messages in one page.

"1 Click" Forever Follow Up

Had a great conversation but just couldn't close the deal?

Click our "Easy" button and pick a date to follow up.

Our AI will follow up with your lead on the precise day and infinitely from there until your lead engages.

Appointment Campaigns

Eversuite sends out invitations and reminders automatically when you or your leads book an appointment, increasing show rates by over 70% in many cases.

Still got a cancellation or no show? No problem, our AI will message them until they rebook.

Smart Meeting Notes to Convert

Keep you and your salespeople on top of it with our smart notes system.

Fill in the details and push your leads into follow up campaigns depending on the outcome and actions needed from the meetings...even if you're not a computer.

Reviews Like Clockwork

Have a lot of customers but not many reviews?

Simply add your list and we'll get you reviews with ease.

Climb the rankings and dominate your area on Google with ease.

Referrals So Easy

Happy customers equals more customers when you have a simple way to click a button and get referrals from your clients.

Stay top of mind without having to follow up on your own and watch the referrals flood in.

Sent Proposal Nurture

Have you put a bunch of time on a lead only to have them ghost you after you presented them a solution?

If fortune is in the follow up then you can go ahead and start counting the $$$ after activating this campaign

This campaign continues engagement with your leads and sees over 90% reply rates. You're just about guaranteed to stay in touch.

AI Content Writer

Command AI to answer and write whatever you want.

Use this for content in ads, social media, emails, etc.

You'll have access to unlimited words using our portal that's connected to Openai (Best in it's class)

STEP 3: Scale With Lead-Grabbing Ads In Just 3 Clicks

You don't need to spends thousands on an Ad Agency to launch Ads that Convert

Generate exclusive leads with pre-built ads.

Simply select a proven template to build ads your leads can’t scroll past

Run the ad as is or make edits with ease

Launch FB and Instagram Ads in Seconds


It can take Ad Agencies days, or even weeks to launch or modify ads for clients.

With our 3-Click Ad Launcher you can sign up and be live within hours.

Our goal is for you to have paying clients in hours from launching Eversuite

Experts to Help You Win

We have experienced media buyers to help you convert more deals.

We're here to give you guidance to maximize your ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)

While we have many ads ready to go, we can also create custom ads for you upon request for a killer deal.

Unnecessary for many- we do recognize larger companies that have massive ad budgets may want a dedicated media buyer. We can help you. We manage ads on Meta, Google, YT, and TikTok for a reasonable retainer.

INTRODUCING Everpresent™ Inbox

The Everpresent™ Inbox identifies your most interested prospects and allows you to have real-time conversations with them over Email, Text, or Messenger.

It literally knows when they're just on the brink of buying ...and allows you to step in and answer questions and close the sale.

For example ...

Here Are Just A Few Of The Ways Everpresent™ Inbox Can Help You Sell Even More!

  • You're able to have complete two-way conversations across multiple channels REAL TIME ...all from one Inbox.

  • Click "Easy Buttons" to put AI to work for you based on the actions you want done, right from the inbox!

  • If someone visits your scheduling page but doesn't book a call, A.I. Inbox can reach out by text, email, phone, or messenger and give you the chance to help the, find a better time (or just close them right there on the spot!)

  • Identifies the last channel your lead has communicated from so you can continue the conversation where they've last messaged you from.

  • Easily filter conversations with maximum efficiency.

  • Color-coded conversations to let you know who you need to engage and who the AI is taking care of.

  • If someone sends you a DM, the Inbox can get their number and their email, and allow you to start a two-way conversation on any (or ALL) of those channels ...right there in the Inbox.


Here's Everything Your Getting

3-Click Ad Launcher

(Worth $1997)

Proven Ads That Convert

(Worth $1997)

Dynamic New Lead Sequence to convert more leads to appointments/sales

(Worth $1997)

Appointment Campaigns

(Worth $1997)

1 Click Infinite Follow Up "Easy Button"

(Worth $1997)

AI Follow Up Campaigns with Industry Leading Conversion Rates

(Worth $1997)

Referrals So Easy

(Worth $1997)

Reviews Like Clockwork

(Worth $1997)

Smart Meeting Notes to Convert

(Worth $1997)

The $1,000,000 "Lazarus" Sequence to Close Deals From "Dead" Leads

(Worth $1997)

Everpresent "Crack Proof" Sequence that engages leads infinitely

(Worth $1997)

24/7 Live Chat and Email Support

(Worth $1997)

Recurring Tech Calls and On Demand Zoom Support

(Worth $1997)

Master Classes to Help You Scale

(Worth $1997)

AI Content Writer Powered by Best In Class OpenAI

(Worth $1997)

OmniPresent Lead Capture (get leads from web chat, SMS, Messenger, web forms, and more)

(Worth $1997)

Everpresent Inbox with Two-Way Multi-Channel Conversations

(Worth $1997)

Missed-Call Text Back So You Never Miss A Deal

(Worth $1997)


(Worth $1997)

Mobile App To Manage Leads From Everywhere and Anywhere

(Worth $1997)

Website and Funnel Builder

(Worth $1997)

Pipeline and Smart Lead Manager

(Worth $1997)

Calendar Booking System

(Worth $1997)

Unlimited Integrations With Our Zapier

(Worth $1997)

Any Future Releases

(Worth $1997)

...All From One System!

Total Value: $20,000+

But You Can Try It FREE

Before you do, consider the fact that Eversuite REPLACES most (if not all) of the expensive software you're probably already paying for.

This Replaces at Least $3,500 In Costs...Every Month!

The Value ...

Think about it. A 1/2 decent Ad Agency will charge a minimum of $2,000 before you a spend a dime on ads. You'll have proven campaigns you can now launch in seconds and put all those savings to generating leads fast.

Then there's the automation. If you were to pay someone to create these fully automated follow up campaigns for you ...and program all the "tech stuff" so that everything worked perfectly, it would easily cost at least $2,000.00 ...PER CAMPAIGN.

And that's not considering the value of the pre-written copy templates!

You're getting 12+ complete campaigns ...all set up and ready to be tweaked and deployed. That's easily a $24,000 value.

The Savings ...

And there's also the fact that Eversuite


most (if not all) of the expensive software and agencies you're probably already paying for.

A good funnel builder like Clickfunnels starts at $97. The pro version is $297. Solid page builders like Unbounce start at $90 a month and their cool version is $225. InstaPage is $199 a month.

And these tools are good. They're worth the money!

Then take a look at what solid email systems cost. ActiveCampaign is a good example. Their most popular plan is $149 a month. And if you have more than 2,500 people on your list, it gets more expensive. Keap (formerly Infusionsoft) is about the same. They start out at $169 per month and that's if you only have 1,500 people on your list!

And these services are great. They are 100% worth the money.

Now consider what you pay for web chat. A great web chat service is Intercom and their cheapest package is $79 per month ...and you have to pay annually!

Then think about messenger apps like ManyChat, scheduling software like Calendly, and two-way texting software like SlickText. They're all really great but boy do the costs add up! If you factor in services like those you're looking at an extra $200 per month ...and that's assuming you have a really small list!

Now think about video. Wistia, Vimeo, and other video players can cost anywhere from a few dozen dollars (if nobody watches your stuff) all the way up to thousands every month.

Eversuite hosts all your videos for you. Plus it tracks how long your prospects watch them ...and then follows up accordingly! That's another savings of hundreds (if not THOUSANDS) each month!

If you average it all out and add it all up,

This Replaces At Least $3,500 In Costs ...Every Month!

And what's really great is it's all under one system.

So you don't have to duct tape a bunch of stuff together and deal with the headaches that come with doing


And don't forget.

As good as all those other tools are, none of them have our pre-built templates and campaigns!

So not only are you saving money but you're also saving time.

Which is why using Eversuite is a really easy decision.

Choose The Plan That Works For You!

(with a 200% Ridiculous Guarantee)

Eversuite 2.0


  • 3 Click Ad Launcher with Proven Templates

  • Calendar and Scheduling System.

  • Omnipresent Lead Capture (Get leads from Social messages, chatbots, and SMS).

  • Facebook Messenger and Instagram DM Integration.

  • Automated Social Media Posting and Scheduling.

  • Everpresent Inbox.

  • Proven Ready to Deploy Automation

  • Two-Way SMS.

  • Web-Chat to SMS.

  • Two-Way Messenger and DMs.

  • Click-To-Call From Local Number

  • Automated SMS Follow Up.

  • Funnel Builder

  • Reporting

  • Facebook Custom Audience Integration For Automated Retargeting.

  • Live Support 7 Days Per Week.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • 100% 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

  • Low sms/call fees or integrate your own Twilio

Eversuite 2.0 + LiveAgents


  • Everything in Eversuite 2.0

  • 24/7 Text Message responses handled by our team

  • 24/7 Webchat Message responses handled by our team

  • Facebook Messenger and Instagram DM
    handled by our team

  • Unlimited Responses by our team

  • Unlimited Appointments booked by our team

  • Easy to Customize Script we use to answer messages from your leads (Only say what you want us to say)

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • 100% 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Ridiculous 200% Guarantee


If you implement this for 6 months and don't make back the money you paid for it...
We will refund you 2x what you paid us for it.
Yeah, you read that right... We are so confident that this bundle will make you $$$ that
we're willing to guarantee it.
Some folks might give you 30 days to make your money back, but we're giving you a whole 6 MONTHS to try it out.

If it doesn't work, we'll be shocked, but seriously, get back to us and
we'll literally pay you for wasting your time.


Integrate Eversute with Tools You Already Love With Our Custom Integration And Zapier!

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